Key Adjectives

01» Charity
02» Community
03» Quality

Target Audience

01» 21+ years
02» Wine Enthusiasts
03» Millennials


01» Avenir

02» Basilia Com

03» ITC New Baskerville

04» Cervo

Color Palette

01» C58 M54 Y54 K8
02» C0 M99 Y73 K60
03» C0 M75 Y83 K42

04» C48 M0 Y100 K37

05» C62 M0 Y100 K60

06» C40 M28 Y5 K0



Rebrand a wine label by evaluating existing packaging
systems related to the target audience and marketplace.



Humanitas was chosen for their unique approach to quality wines with heart. This company is named after a Latin virtue, and their slogan "Drink Charitably" refers to Cicero's call for health, prosperity, and safety of all men.


Founder Judd Wallenbrock started making wine from the best grapes in a humble shed he called his "Shed-Teau." Humanitas grew out of its' shed when it joined The Good Life Wine Collective in 2014. With this growth they support the greater community with a proceed of profits going towards breast cancer research, poverty relief, food banks, and conservation efforts.