Create and brand a novel product or service.


Seamless is a service created as an application used 
by online retailers to help customers check size and fit digitally to alleviate concerns when buying online.

The brochure serves to promote and educate the use of
the application. The motif of rules and measurements help 
to express the concept. The measuring tape around the brochure and mailer function as measurements for scale when taking a photo for the application


Key Adjectives

01» Convenient
02» Fun
03» Fashionable

Target Audience

01» 18-40 years
02» Women
03» Fashionistas


01» Avenir LT STD

02» Archer

Color Palette

01» C59 M0 Y350 K0
02» C0 M0 Y0 K100
03» C0 M10 Y100 K0