Key Adjectives

01» Exclusive
02» Tradition
03» Celebration

Target Audience

01» 20-70 years
02» Old Traditional
03» Young Adults

04» Hip Hop/ Rap Culture


01» Kepler

02» Haas Unica

03» Adriane

04» Snell Roundhand

05» Adobe Jenson Pro

06» Swiss 721 BT

Color Palette

01» C0 M1 Y25 K0
02» C0 M99 Y73 K60
03» C0 M0 Y0 K100



Design a label evoking signature aspects of the current brand image, then design a revolutionary image.



Hennessy cognac was selected for its' rich history in Europe and the United States. An Irish man named— Richard Hennessy—founded the House of Hennessy in 1765, in Cognac, France after serving with the French military against the British. The brand's logo is derived from the House of Hennessy Coat of Arms, with the armored arm wielding an axe symbolizing the family's military accomplishments.

Originally, Hennessy was mostly popular with older men. In the post-WWII era, it became associated with African Americans as well, stemming from the return of veterans who served in France, and became a symbol of having "made it." Hennessy's high distinction made it a common reference in Hip-Hop and rap culture to evoke a sense of exclusivity and the high-life.


I explored how to re-frame the label's traditional grape vine border as a gradual evolution of the current design, and to represent Hennessy's place as a cultural touch- stone today—created a revolutionary design inspired by Hip-Hop, rap, and local cultures.