Design a book based on a scientific topic, while demonstrating attention to detail and layout flow.




The human gut microbiome is complex with evolving discoveries in the field. Guts have a habitat of bacteria that help to maintain our physical and mental health. Only recently has technology been advanced enough to explore the tiny details that help us thrive.

To create a coherent message using imagery of guts, bacteria, and food—the refined layouts needed to be  approachable with simple and vibrant vector art.

Key Adjectives

01» Playful
02» Organic
03» Clean

Target Audience

01» 20+ years
02» Parents
03» Health Conscious


01» Chaparral Pro

02» Delm

Color Palette

01» C35 M8 Y85 K0
02» C0 M23 Y100 K0
03» C0 M50 Y100 K0

04» C0 M69 Y100 K14

05» C0 M69 Y100 K63

06» C100 M14 Y39 K0

07» C100 M69 Y39 K0