Demonstrate visual and conceptual fluency.




EnChroma was chosen for the practical technological
development of glasses that help color blind people see
colors more vividly. Research found that one-in-twenty
men are color blind, and one-in-two hundred women are
color blind. Many potential customers would benefit from EnChroma in their daily lives with tasks such as driving
with the ability to see stoplights correctly.

Don McPherson, Ph.D in Glass Science at Alfred University, discovered EnChroma lenses that filter and segment light
into distinguishable categories of visible color light waves.

The concept was to prove that the glasses work, through
the overlap and segmenting of color in images and type.

Key Adjectives

01» Vivid
02» Necessary
03» Colorful

Target Audience

01» Optometrists
02» Eye Wear vendors


01» Avenir

02» Basilia com

Color Palette

01» C62 M46 Y45 K13
02» C70 M0 Y11 K0
03» C0 M83 Y92 K12