Create a sub-brand that does not exist under a
currently existing major brand.

Examine the marketing and branding of a product line.



A month trip in space inspired the creation of a brand
under SpaceX, for near future cruise vacation packages.
Research conducted was concentrated on the past,
present, and future of living in space. Sixty3 branding
was created in collaboration with Noor Ashi, Mike Gomez,
Zahra Ilyas, Karen Song, Carl Vallin, and Robert Walter.
This chapter focuses on Azure, the beauty line for Sixty3.

Key Adjectives

01» Sleek
02» Modern
03» Functional

Target Audience

01» 18+ years
02» Upper Middle Class
03» Adventurers


01» Haas Unica

02» Glypha

Color Palette

01» C100 M0 Y0 K0
02» C35 M0 Y22 K0
03» C94 M3 Y32 K0

04» C100 M42 Y51 K20

05» C93 M84 Y29 K16

06» C76 M84 Y29 K16

07» C0 M100 Y0 K0

08» C0 M91 Y92 K0